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Racing Ron
Here is one of our octogenarian members Ron Fulker,  he is standing next to a Southern Region COR unit nicknamed “Nelsons”, Ron was a driver at Farnham for many years and he would often race up and down the Pompey direct on these units.
During the second world war, Ron was a young fireman at Basingstoke working mainly freight trains for the war effort..
When he signed on duty it would often be over twenty hours before he got back home and this went on day in and day out until the end of hostilities. 

To see the war time “Thank You” letter from the chairman of the Southern Railway click on the coat of arms.

 Well Done Irene
Irene is pleased as punch for rasing alot of money for the Alzheimer's Society.

In 2003 she ran her first  Women's 5km Fun Run in Hyde Park in memory of her mum, Dorothy.
"I started in 2003 when Flora sponsored it" said Irene.
 "And then in 2005 Hydra took it over.  Several members of the OSA sponsored me"
She  stopped doing the fun-runs in 2006 and have raised several hundreds of pounds for the Alzheimer's Society.

"I am not sure how much altogether because I do not have the details to hand" she said.
 "I still help with their collection days - they do have a higher profile now"
Despite the society, there is not enough research into this awful illness.

The photo of Irene was taken in 2005

 It's the icing on the cake for Tom

In 2010 at a reunion  for retired railwaymen of the “Traffic” department from the old Southern Region, held at the ”Rose & Crown” Brockenhurst, a surprise was in store for the organiser.

Tom Howell, a life time railwayman and much respected Signalling Inspector,  was over the moon when  a birthday cake was presented to him for his forth coming 80th Birthday in April.

The cake was made by Tom’s neighbour, Ivy West and was secretly brought along to the pub by chums from the “Motive Power” department; it was decorated with a picture of Tom when he first joined the Southern Railway in 1945 at Wimborne  Dorset

After blowing out the candles, Tom shared his cake with all of his railway mates present.

Below: A young fifteen year old Tom sitting on a station barrow at Wimborne Station.
This is the photograph that was on his birthday cake.

 Lenny (The Lion)

Welfare Officer of the London West Branch.
Len, a keen Chelsea supporter, spent all his working life on the railway in the Motive Power Department at Guildford and Woking.

He was a co founder of “The Woking Sixteen Committee,” one of the many committees over the Southern Region that were dedicated to raising funds for The Woking Homes.










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