London Jack

London Jack – collecting for the Woking Homes
London Jack spent much of his life at Waterloo collecting money for the Southern Railway Orphanage at Woking. He was owned by SR Motor Driver Farley and when he
was not working he and Jack met the trains at Waterloo. Jack was born in 1917 and started collecting in 1923.
He retired at the end of 1930 and died on 22 June 1931.
In that time he collected over £4500 for the Orphanage. Jack was not alone, there were many dogs collecting around the Southern Railway area.
As was common practice, when the dogs died they were stuffed and put on display at a station and continued to collect money for the Orphanage.
It was in 1967 when Jack was collecting at Bournemouth that it was 
decided by the Railway Management that he was not an appropriate feature of the newly electrified railway and so a new home was sought.

Since arriving at the Bluebell Railway Jack has continued to collect money for the Woking Homes.
In 2008 it was decided to give Jack a “facelift” as over the years he had become rather bedraggled.
He returned to the Bluebell in April 2009.
For a few years the money collected by Jack will be used to pay for this restoration but in due course he will again be collecting for Woking Homes.
London Jack out of his glass case and enjoying the fresh
Sussex air at his home at Sheffield Park on the Bluebell Railway

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